Once again it's the start of a brand new year. To some it's a time of new beginnings. For others, it's a time to make new promises that they'll try — and usually fail — to keep. For still others it gentlely nudges us into an introspective, and philosophical mood.

What will this new year hold for me and my family?

Will I manage to get a job this year, perhaps the last job I'll ever need?

Will I finally find that path that will lead me to success?

I want to take a little time to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and the best of new years! But I also want to remind you, very briefly — not in the rant like I really want to do — that Christmas is about caring, love, and family and friends; not about spending tons of money on gifts to impress. The best things in life come from the heart, not the wallet.

Every year, the citizens of the United States tend to celebrate a holiday called "Thanksgiving" meant to celebrate an event of mythical proportions here. You see, hundreds of years ago, when settlers from Europe first started arriving in force in "The New World" few had any idea of how brutal the winter could be here; particularly in the "New England" region of the country where they mostly took residence. When the settlers failed to properly stock up on food for the upcoming winter, and hundreds...

I just wanted to mention, to those that might be reading this, that I'm going to take a vacation from leading the Themis project. I'm not leaving the project, just going to take a backseat role for about a month. I'm still coding, and making major changes, it's just I'll be trying to answer fewer questions about the project to outsiders for a while.

I've also apparently lost my mind. I've been unemployed so long that I actually think that someone might be interested in purchasing...

Today was a day of utter lethargy for me. I finished reading the latest Star Wars: New Jedi Order book "Destiny's Way". I was very impressed with this book. In fact, I spent more than twelve hours yesterday reading the vast majority of it. Very good, and I highly recommend it.

But since I finished it, I've been in a very lethargic mood. I wanted to do some programming, but I didn't really feel up to it. I wanted to start preparing a D&D campaign that I'll be running for my wife and...

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome to bbnk.dhs.org's first invent a license day!

In the spirit of wanting to share ideas, but not necessarily make them completely available to any Tom, Dick, or Jane, I've invented the following license for some code I've been writing to demonstrate ideas for a rendering engine for Themis:

Copyright (c) 2002 Raymond "Z3R0 One" Rodgers. All Rights Reserved.

Hi folks,
Glad to see and hear from a lot of you! :-) Thanks for stopping by, don't mind the dust... While my site hasn't really changed a whole lot since I set it up a year ago, I have been adding a few new things here and there... (Like the PHP photo album system I just got fully functional yesterday. It's still rather empty, but hey, it's new...)

I just want to say that I really miss working with the lot of you, and I hope you're all doing well where ever you might find yourselves.
One year ago today, my country was roused from its belief that it was untouchable. One year ago, the first blow in what I believe will be World War III was struck against an unsuspecting nation. One year ago, many people lost their lives to a hate attack. Not because of who they were, but because of where they were.

Yes, I'm referring to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. In an act of unspeakable hatred, 19 people sacrificed their lives to kill thousands of complete strangers,...
Well... it was exactly one year ago today that I last walked into the offices of Be Incorporated as an employee; although I admit I had already been notified of the fact that I was being laid off. Was I angry at being laid off? Yes. But I understood the need, and I was perfectly willing to work the last two weeks that I was under the impression we were still to work.

When I got to work, most of the engineering staff, quality assurance staff, and others, were planning on playing Unreal...
Hey folks, no title this time around... I'm just a little too upset to try to come up with something witty. Yeah, I'm upset.

Part of my being, part of my soul feels to me as if it could rescue this world. As if I could change the world for the better. I like that part of my soul. It's a private joy for me; a private honor that I carry where ever I go. I've never mentioned it to anyone before, but it's there. And it fuels a very strong desire within me to do what I can to change this...