(Updated .)

Today was a day of utter lethargy for me. I finished reading the latest Star Wars: New Jedi Order book "Destiny's Way". I was very impressed with this book. In fact, I spent more than twelve hours yesterday reading the vast majority of it. Very good, and I highly recommend it.

But since I finished it, I've been in a very lethargic mood. I wanted to do some programming, but I didn't really feel up to it. I wanted to start preparing a D&D campaign that I'll be running for my wife and sister-in-law, but again I didn't feel up to it.

About the only things I did do were call my parents & sister, and go to play D&D with my friends Sean, Chris, Rob, and Joe. (Note that I said I went to play, I didn't say "I played...".) Today was just one of those kinds of days.

Any ways, there were many discussions at Sean's apartment, which came about as a result of a lack of a few key members of our gaming group. Doug and Katherine came over and we got to talking about how much of a fool we think the current President is, and that led to religion (some how), and from there to sex (in particular between a member of our group and his girlfriend) which some how led back to politics and religion which led to our beliefs in what's likely to happen in the near future on a world scale. I won't go into details, for many reasons, but all in all it was an interesting night.

Perhaps the most interesting thought I had this evening was a desire to create a central repository for all human knowledge. I didn't really get to explore this thought too much before I came home, but the gist is that there should be some freely accessible archive of all information that can be independently verified by anyone else. Anyone would be allowed to contribute this information, though personal information would be restricted to the the submitter only (so that I couldn't put someone else's information up, just mine for instance), and opinions are not included. To quote Dragnet, "just the facts." And only the facts that could be confirmed, so that we can build an accurate archive of information that anyone could reference, about the past and the present. I think this would be a good thing, but I can forsee it being used for the wrong reasons very easily. Perhaps I'll put some thought into it and try to work something out.

I must be either really bored, or insane. Or possibly both. I've been working on implementing a BlueTooth protocol stack for BeOS/OpenBeOS in part of my spare time over the last few weeks. I'm no where near having anything even remotely usable, but I just wanted to mention this. Perhaps it'll lead to a job for me... Probably not though. I think it's a really cool technology, and I wish I had the money and time to invest in it more thoroughly.

In the not too distant future, I'll probably start adding some Java to the web site at large; I'm taking a Java programming class and I think I'm doing pretty well in it thus far, but I won't know until my teacher posts our grades. Sometime this century.

It also looks like Mark Hellegers and I are finally getting some help on Themis. A couple weeks ago, I contacted BeGroovy asking them to post an article saying that the Themis project is looking for more developers. It took a while, but they finally did, and over the last twenty something hours, at least two more people signed up to the mailing list, and one volunteered to redo the web site and eventually start coding. This is a really good thing and I'm glad.

All in all, things are going ok for me and Lori. We're both tired as hell, and I'm really tired of not having money and being unemployed, but we're both doing pretty well otherwise. I hope you, whoever you might be, are doing well as well. Take care!