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Once again it's the start of a brand new year. To some it's a time of new beginnings. For others, it's a time to make new promises that they'll try — and usually fail — to keep. For still others it gentlely nudges us into an introspective, and philosophical mood.

What will this new year hold for me and my family?

Will I manage to get a job this year, perhaps the last job I'll ever need?

Will I finally find that path that will lead me to success?

Will I make this a good year or a bad year?

Naturally, as you might guess, only time will tell. The first hour of the first day of any year can hardly decide how the remainder of the year will go. Hell, how can anyone blame any single minute of any single day for the success or failure they have in a year or a life? Only in exceptional cases, those that happen to one out of every thousand people, once in a thousand hours or more, can one single choice or event change the course of a person's life.

I personally feel that adopting a strict mandate on what you're planning to do in a year is foolishness. You waste so many opportunities to do greater things when you rashly decide in advance what is going to happen.

The best policy, if you ask me, is to make the best out of the time you are given. Accept change and flexibility into your life. Stick to your guns, but recognize the alternatives. Seize the day as it were. Make the best out of your situation, and even in the worst moment, realize that things could always be worse.

Abandon anger.

Abandon hate.

Accept love.

Accept kindness.

Abandon jealousy.

Abandon fear.

Accept respect.

Accept friendship.

Abandon ignorance.

Abandon the doctrines.

Accept knowledge.

Find truth.

Inspire revolution.

Be at peace.

Make your New Year happy!

Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Nothing happens without an action, and your actions are your responsibility. Own up to them. Acknowledge them, good or bad. Accept the consequences, positive or negative.

Your life is in your hands. You have the power to make your life a happy one. You just need to acknowledge that it is up to you, not God, to make it so.