(Updated .)

I just wanted to mention, to those that might be reading this, that I'm going to take a vacation from leading the Themis project. I'm not leaving the project, just going to take a backseat role for about a month. I'm still coding, and making major changes, it's just I'll be trying to answer fewer questions about the project to outsiders for a while.

I've also apparently lost my mind. I've been unemployed so long that I actually think that someone might be interested in purchasing various items from CafePress that feature logos that I designed. If you're interested, take a stroll to http://www.cafepress.com/z3r0_one/. I'll admit that this is a money making scheme; I really could use the extra cash that some of this stuff might bring in. I'm a really lousy sales person, so I'll let the products speak for themselves.

Lori and I went to the Edwards Air Force Base Open House and Air Show last weekend and had a pretty good time. I'll see if I can get some pictures and video up in the next few days. I had a great time as usual, and I was very happy that Lori enjoyed her first air show as well.

That's about it... Buy lots of stuff and have a great weekend!