It's been a while since I last posted, and the world has changed quite a bit in those few months. I didn't think it had been literally half a year since I posted, but it has. In that time, we have a new president (though I confess I voted for someone else), a lot more uncertainty, the Cubs won the World Series, and I now have a new job and am living in a new city and state.

Although I'm excited as hell about my new job, I'm not going to state what company it is here....


I dream.

Je rêve.




I dream of you.

Je rêve de toi.




I'm considering starting a petition to cede Michigan from the union and apply for admission into Canada should Trump win the presidency... Who's with me? wink

SVG images aren't new, and I've known about them for quite sometime. In case you're not familiar with them, they're a scalable image format composed of XML to describe the image. I've always been curious about them, but never really had a use for them until now. Right now, I'm working on a new website project (website software specifically designed for web comics), and I decided I'd poke at creating SVG images for the hit chart that illustrates how many hits on a daily...

Let me get this out there, I'm not a fan of player versus player in most games, Destiny's Crucible included. I'd rather kill NPC monsters and enemies than other players; frankly, it makes me a nervous wreck and I get frustrated when I feel like I was wronged in PvP. (Such as I hit someone with a shotgun blast, and two melee attacks but they just turn and swat me like a fly.) Still, I have my moments, and I want to share a couple. At

Earlier this morning, I read an opinion piece on CNN's web site entitled "Die already, James Bond" by Lewis Beale, which I felt missed the real problem in Hollywood. So I wrote a quick response which is quoted below in its entirety.

In my opinion, Mr. Beale is looking at this the wrong way. Domestic ticket sales have been way behind global ticket sales for many decades (5-7...

Recently, Detroit Lions receiver Golden Tate III indicated (or implied depending on who you ask) that players from opposing defenses have told him this season that they knew exactly whether the Lions were running the ball or passing it before the play unfolded. Some have said it's untrue, and even Tate has seemingly recanted or reclarified is comments a bit, but I find it absolutely plausible. Why? Because I've been reading the offense for years.

Now, I'm not a player, I'm...


This has not been one of my better summers. Since Doug's passing, I have seen two additional acquaintances pass, and most recently lost my job. Hell, another friend nearly passed a few weeks back and the cause of his malady is still unknown, though he's generally doing better.

That said, I'm gearing myself up for a new job hunt and, for once in my life, I have lots of choices in terms of which direction I can go which is overwhelming in its own right. I'm weighing trying...

Of the group, I knew Doug and Katherine the least well. They had been a couple already, from what I understand, by the time I even met our mutual friend Sean (and his father, Julio) at NewGen Imaging Tech in 97. I never spent anytime with either of them outside of Sean's apartment on those occasions when we were busy playing Dungeons & Dragons, watching movies, or just enjoying Sean's cooking. I don't have any fascinating stories about how we met, or even of the conversations we...

Many years ago, I registered to be my personal homepage. But, given that I had a limited amount of time to work on it back then, due to marriage and child and an insane commute to work, I never got it working the way I wanted it to, and I was less than pleased with the way it looked. So, I eventually abandoned it.