(Updated .)

Let me get this out there, I'm not a fan of player versus player in most games, Destiny's Crucible included. I'd rather kill NPC monsters and enemies than other players; frankly, it makes me a nervous wreck and I get frustrated when I feel like I was wronged in PvP. (Such as I hit someone with a shotgun blast, and two melee attacks but they just turn and swat me like a fly.) Still, I have my moments, and I want to share a couple. At this link, you'll find the results of my latest match in the Crucible, in Control mode. (My PSN name is "rcrodgers", if that helps.) What you'll see is that my name is pretty much at the top of the list, with an impressive array of accomplishments for a single round of Control. I wasn't streaming at the time, but after the match I saved the video; maybe I'll upload it to YouTube later. The video is now available at YouTube.

And second, in a match of Salvage yesterday while I was streaming, I also did exceptionally well. You can watch the 7 minute match by clicking here. Please note, that the full stream is 4 hours and that's about midway through.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging... I suck at PvP and I'm currently sick, so I'm really not playing my best all around. But these were two great matches for me that keep me going in PvP when I otherwise would quit.