(Updated .)

So... It's been two years since I last wrote you, though it's not because I haven't been thinking about you. The last two years have been filled with joy, sadness, and boatload of travel.

In this time, I've grown to love my job at Google, I've sadly lost my mother, learned to hate a credit union, developed diabetes, and travelled more miles and run more miles of fiber optic cable than I care to guess at.

It's been an interesting pair of years so far, and it stands to reason that it will be an series of interesting years to come.

I started a project called Caught in the 3rd Act earlier this year, and while it has been entertaining, it has not as successful as I had hoped; even with that there have been ups and downs. Feel free to see the site if you wish to know that story.

Now that I've fixed some issues with this site, I'll write more here from time to time. I never intended to abandon it, but to say I've been busy would be to greatly understate the situation.

This post is at an end, I just wanted to say hello after a long silence.