(Updated .)

Many years ago, I registered raymondrodgers.com to be my personal homepage. But, given that I had a limited amount of time to work on it back then, due to marriage and child and an insane commute to work, I never got it working the way I wanted it to, and I was less than pleased with the way it looked. So, I eventually abandoned it.

I created other blogs; my writing blog Broken Fingers, my development site Bad Luck Software, my general chaos (film, television, videogames, etc) blog An Evil Geni.us, and a life blog Fubar'ed. I didn't update any of them on a regular basis until relatively recently (with An Evil Geni.us), but I think I'm ready to consolidate most of that once more back into my original homepage, my namesake.

Sure there are a lot of other people named Raymond Rodgers out there, including some that even writers as well. But I laid claim to the domain and I'm pushing forward to try to make the name truly my own in the publishing world. I'll get there eventually, and it won't be easy, but this is where you and everyone else will find me. A name is a valuable commodity, and it's high time that I stopped neglecting mine.

I'm currently working on a compilation of short stories that I'll [self] publish on Kindle and Nook; I'll be sure to let everyone know when that's a thing. In the meantime, please keep an eye out for new posts here. Oh, and I just reimplemented the RSS support that was on the old site.