As of today, I am no longer technically employed: my boss could no longer afford to pay me as a salaried employee, so now I am to be paid based on work that he requests me to do.

A good part of me thinks this is better because it will give me the time to do what I want rather than sitting here working on things for other people. And by this I mean that I can spend some time working on developing my Android applications more often, and during the week, not just nights and weekends. It also means I can spend more time working on my writing.

The bad side, of course, is that I will no longer be receiving weekly paychecks, and I'm going to be under even more pressure to meet my financial needs...

Great. Just what I needed right?

I suppose I should be thankful, because technically I still have a source of income, but right now I'm just irritated.

I guess this also means that if you're interested in my PHP, SQL, Javascript, Java, and HTML skills, you can now contract me for work!

Or if you're not interested in that, perhaps you'll take a visit to my book list, click on a link,and buy a book from