I'm really beginning to believe that either I have a cursed life or that God is truly trying to challenge me for some reason.

Despite my best efforts and desires, I've been way behind on a project for work because I also have to support all of our other clients web sites, handle the transition of a customer from our services to a new and fairly inept company, and manage our servers as well.

The customer whose project is going slowly asked when he could start using his new site a couple weeks ago; I told him [optimistically] last week. What happens between the time I spoke with him and the target date? The co-location facility housing our servers has an explosion and fire. Our servers weren't damaged but it caused a major headache all week.

On Monday my boss asks me when we could have it completely done, I again say optimistically two weeks, but realistically a month. What happens the next day? Storms knock out power to my area, and I lose an entire day of work. This was further aggravated by the fact that the cable modem that I just had installed this past Saturday is no longer working, so I have to rely on the BASIC DSL that is working in the house but can't be upgraded for any reason. (Thanks AT&T!) As you might guess, I ordered the cable modem to replace the DSL since it should be more reliable (sometimes the DSL is interrupted by incoming calls despite having DSL filters on all phones), and far faster.

Why must my life be made difficult?