My wife, mother-in-law, and I (among many others) spent the last few days in Las Vegas, Nevada, for their family reunion, and we returned today. It felt great to have the time off even though we were often too tired to even think about gambling during the time we were there.

We did spend some time in the casinos, with perhaps the most memorable being at the Silverton Hotel and Casino off Blue Diamond Road. The casino itself wasn't too special, and we didn't actually gamble there; we went for the aquarium in which some ladies dressed as mermaids swim periodically. And to my surprise, they also had at least four custom motorcycles on display that were built by Orange County Choppers; the guys that do American Choppers on TLC. The bikes are truly much more impressive in real life than they are on TV!

I think the Miss America or USA pageant was also being organized there as we saw several women in sashes declaring which states they represented walking around in the hotel.

All in all, it was a great trip and I'm glad I finally got to meet so much of my wife's family, which I had only had limited exposure to in our years of marriage. But I am really glad to be home again.

Unfortunately, not everything is completely happy; Andre, my son, has been sick this evening and threw up several times, which he's never really done before. The good news is that we already had a scheduled doctor's appointment for tomorrow, so we can tell him all about it. Hopefully it's nothing serious...