No, it's not Christmas time [yet]! Nor is it time to get out there and vote against Bush. Alot of pinheads out there missed that opportunity last week. No, it's my time to once again drop a little praise at the feet of Eminem, for the two kick ass songs on his new album hitting stores this Friday called Encore. Once again with "Just Lose It" he manages to be highly entertaining, creative, and humorous while "Mosh" was pointedly aimed at being released prior to the November 2nd election, but apparently missed the mark for some reason. (I suspect high level record label executives favor Bush... Hmmm, the rich supporting the rich, how could that happen...?) Personally, I can't wait to hear what the rest of the album is like, and I'm sure it's going to continue Mr. Mathers' string of successes. Kick some more ass Em!