(Updated .)

There is much I could say about California's recent election and recall campaign. There is much I could say on the governor elect, and the absurdity of the entire thing. But I'm not. I don't have the energy for it. If you're with me, buy this.

For a few hours this week I thought I might have been about to take another step forward in my career, but from the looks of it now, I guess I wasn't. I suppose I either scared them away or caught someone trying to pull the wool over my eyes. Regardless, I'm still stuck.

The next book in the Star Wars New Jedi Order saga is out, and so far it's pretty good. I really do appreciate this series, as it is familiar yet completely different at the same time. Nothing is off limits or taken for granted. Characters die, unlike in so many book series. Oddly, this is the sort of thing that once annoyed me in the Crimson Shadow series by R. A. Salvatore. I still miss you Siobahn!

Also this week, I obtained a copy of The Matrix Reloaded. Yes, it is true that it isn't officially available until Tuesday, but certain stores have a history of selling movies prior to their official release date.

I think that'll do it for now... later.