(Updated .)

Tomorrow will mark the end of the second full year since Be notified me and 28 others that we were being laid off. Naturally, it really sucks that I'm one of few ex-Be employees still unemployed. (In fact, I might be the only one.) It really makes me think that I should give up on this California experiment of mine, and go back to Michigan and settle for some dead-end job.

I came to California with a few hopes. Some have been fulfilled, like my desire to find a great woman and get married and my dream of working for a great company (Be, though that is history). Others haven't. Even a dead-end job is better than no job.

But, I'm not the only one going through this sort of thing. Maxx also got laid off and he is in the process of looking for a new job. (Ironicly, he's in Michigan.) A few of my other friends have also been unemployed for these last two years as well, but they recently corrected that. I've gotten tips, and put resumes out there. But so far things haven't been too hopeful. But I'm not giving up. Not today, not ever. (By the way, I see some other ex-Be folks cruise through here on a regular basis from both PalmSource.com and what I believe to be their home account... Is that you Smurfless1? :-) )

With a bit of luck, either I'll get employed soon, or win the lottery. I don't really care which. I just need something to happen because I'm tired of being unemployed. If you can help, please do. I'll take a job or a donation. Or both even! Just do something other than just visit this site. I'm being active, so I ask you to be too.