Freshly back from the Motor City, and tired as hell.

My trip home was very enjoyable, though it was apparently a lot more tiring than I imagined. Lori and I are still trying to get back on California time, and aren't having a whole lot of luck. For the curious, I have a few pictures from the trip in my photo album under "Michigan 2003".

It's amazing how much things can change in just a few short years. There were times during the trip that I didn't even recognize Detroit, and I certainly forgot most of the streets there. Sigh... I guess I'm getting old.

To my friends and family that I didn't visit during the trip, my apologies. There was so much that Lori and I wanted to do that we really didn't do much beyond travel the entire time we were there. Ann Arbor, East Lansing, Hell, and Frankenmuth are just some of the cities that we visited, and when we weren't exploring, we were sleeping. Again, I apologize for not getting around to visiting most of you, and I'll try not to let it happen again.

Back to getting older... Today is my thirty first birthday. I don't feel any wiser, smarter, or more "adult" than I did when my 18th birthday rolled around. Why is that? I always thought that the older you get the wiser and more intelligent you get; that you become more mature. The only thing I know I can say that has changed about me in this time is that I've grown a lot more cynical, and a bit more bold. Perhaps my insight into this is that we don't grow more wise because we get older, but because of the experiences we have. I'd like to say that I was pretty well experienced by the time I left high school, but does that mean I haven't experienced or learned enough since that time? Or is it that we don't realize how much we change over the years without an outside observer...? Or could it really be that "adults" are really just "kids" like us, trying to do the right thing...