(Updated .)


Not only has the last week been hectic, but it's been eerily productive as well. First my buddies Maxx and Tom come to town for E3 and I went along for the ride. Lots of interesting games coming out in the near future (within a year or so). Personally, I can't wait!

Then I get contacted about a job, and set up an interview for today. God, I'm nervous about it. It's been roughly a year since the last call I received about a job, and a bit longer since my last interview. Needless to say, I need to do well and get this job. But if I don't, I don't need to panic yet.

Why? Because I'm working towards setting up another interview next month while I'm in Detroit. Overall, I think I'm more interested in that position than the one I'm interviewing for today. But the biggest drawback is that it's 2500 miles away from where I am now. Picking up and moving would be yet another nightmare in my life. But we'll see.

Any ways, I also got a chance to see The Matrix: Reloaded this weekend. I thought it was a pretty fine movie, though I think it was far from perfect. There were a few things that bothered me like the huge orgy-dance party near the beginning in Zion. When I saw that scene, I pretty much lost my respect for the writers/directors. Fortunately, I regained it during the rest of the film.

Any ways, I just felt I needed to update the world a bit on what's going on. If you happen to stumble across this page and know of a job opening that I might be qualified for (please see my resume please let me know! Later!