(Updated .)

Ok, I'm a little calmer now.

I'm under a fair amount of stress although others don't seem to realize it; hell, Lori claimed recently that she didn't think I was stressed out... I've gotten used to earning my way through this world. I know I am not anyone important, but I've always felt that I can do any job if given the chance, so I'm extremely frustrated right now that no one will give me the chance.

While I am receiving some assistance from my parents, and I'm living with my in-laws, I feel like a great big pile of shit. I shouldn't need to depend on these kind people to survive. I should be making enough money to support myself and my wife, and let them live their lives without the extra burden. But such is not the case.

So, I've been trying to drum up money using my technical skills and knowledge for much of the last year, but I'm getting no where fast with them either. I have a fair number of things available for sale through Cafe Press and Amazon.com, but I'm not even getting referral fees at this point, because no one cares enough to visit those links or buy anything from my little "stores." Fine. I've also resorted to cyber-begging. Have I gotten a dime? No.

So, my question to you is what the fuck can I do to get you to help me out some how? If you have a job, I'll take it. If you're looking for something to buy, I'll try to sell it to you. If you have some extra cash weighing you down, I'll relieve you of the burden. JUST HELP ME OUT!