I'm panicking. I'll admit i.

What kind of world is it that I live in that people don't recognize me for what I am: a skilled, fairly well educated individual in a desparate situation? Why can I not get a job? Fuck, why the hell can't I even get an interview?

It's now been about a full year since I last had a job interview, or even a call back about a job. People are beginning to suggest that I go and work at Rite Aid or at my sister-in-law's company. While neither are bad suggestions for a desparate person, I refuse because I still have some dignity left. I continue to apply for the jobs for which I believe I'm qualified: Software development, support, and/or quality assurance engineering positions. But not only do I not get calls about these positions, I don't even get rejection letters any more. Why the fuck not?

Does this mean I'm not good enough to waste 37 cents on to tell me I'm not good enough?


Sorry for venting.

I'll write more later.