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Life is strange.

A few years ago I considered myself a writer, and I tried to write any kind of story I could, to give myself experience, and possibly to earn money. Well, nothing ever panned out with my writing, and still hasn't. The other day, my buddy Maxx — art god that he is — asked me for a snippet of a story that he could draw. I hadn't really done any writing in more than four years. So I started writing.

While the story I'm writing is still pretty far from done, and I'm still working on ideas for it, it's turning out to be quite a nice little story. It takes me back about ten years with what I was doing then; just writing for the hell of it, not necessarily with a purpose. Not for the interest in making money. Just writing because I can. It's something I've missed in recent years, and I'm glad this little part of my life has returned.

Then to make things a little more unusual this week, the opportunity to go to a hocky game suddenly appeared last night. Teresa, Lori's best friend, had some how managed to get four tickets to last night's Mighty Ducks game for free, and offered them to us. Though we weren't initially interested, we decided to go, and we had a great time with Teresa and Lisa (my sister-in-law). The last time that I saw a hockey game in person must have been a good twenty years ago. To make it more interesting, we're all itching to go to Sunday's game, which will be against my hometown team: the Detroit Red Wings. How ironic is that?

These two things have made me wonder if something is again on the move in the unseen world. What's going on? Is my life about to suddenly and dramatically change? Who knows? I just hope things work out somehow.

If you happen to know of any writing agents, that might be looking for new unpublished talent, tell them to contact me. :-)