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Ok, today started off kinda normal... I browsed the web a bit, started reading CNN, found out about the latest shuttle video released, and watched it. Then I noticed a link to space.com, and followed it, and saw that there are some idiots out there that thought that the comet NEAT was either (a) going to hit the Earth, or (b) was forming a new planet, or (c) was something else funky. I decided I had to read this article.

In principle, I can agree that the U.S. government does hide a ton of information, and knowledge from us. Some of it for very good reason: security issues, fear of a world wide panic, etc.. But there are time when I look at the person telling me of a conspiracy and my jaw just drops. How fucking stupid can people be? I may not be the most paranoid bastard on the planet, but I'm not fucking naieve either.

The moon landings were real. There are mirrors on the moon that were placed there by astronauts for various experiments, and to this day we can find out precisely how far the moon is from Earth by bouncing a laser off these mirrors.

There is NO planet NEAT. The people over at GuluFuture.com are misguided, paranoid fucking idiots that apparently don't know enough about science to even warrant bullshitting visitors. Planets simply don't appear overnight. Nor do comets suddenly become planets. For a planet to take shape, first and foremost, it requires massive amounts of matter. There is no place in the inner solar system (between Mars and the Sun) with enough matter to accumulate into something even close to resembling a planet. Between Mars and Jupiter, there is an asteroid belt with a considerable amount of matter. However, between the gravitational pulls of the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter, and the fact that the matter is relatively rarified (as in spread out in an orbital ring outside of Mars' orbit), there is no chance in hell that a planet would have suddenly formed there. A fat person such as myself would have a better chance of being classified as a planet.

Gulu claims that there is a huge cover-up in progress. Why? Why don't they buy some relatively inexpensive telescopes ($1,000 will buy one that is more than powerful enough for the job), get the appropriate solar filters (again, not too expensive), and photograph the "new planet" themselves? Why rely on NASA's images as the only source for their cover-up beliefs, and then state that NASA is covering up the birth of a new planet? Further more, why aren't other space agencies screaming "Hey look! A new planet has formed in our solar system, apparently out of the comet NEAT!!" Why? Because they are full of shit. Don't even think of taking their crap seriously.

Gulu claims that their forums have been hacked a number of times in recent weeks, and that other supporters of theirs suddenly changed links about this "developing story" to URLs @ NASA. This may be true. It might have something to do with these other news sites realizing how much shit Gulu is apparently filled with.

According to Space.com's article, so people were saying that the comet was about the size of Jupiter.A planet sized comet would be visible for many months before it ever got close enough to the Sun to emit a proper tail. The tail would be visible across the night sky. As I didn't see anything of the sort, this can be ruled out entirely.

I think it far more likely that of all the United States' federal agencies, the one that tells the truth, complete or otherwise, is NASA. The military hides information because it has to in order to maintain its edge over our enemies. The House of Representatives and Senate hide information in support of the military and intelligence agencies, and to cover their own asses of course. The White House... Well, let's just say that the White House probably doesn't release more than 5% to 10% of the information that we technically have a right to know, usually for politcal reasons, not real reasons. There is information that the White House obviously needs to keep quiet in support of the military and intelligence agencies, but there's much more going on there. In short, if you want to point fingers about cover ups and conspiracies, point the fingers at the other government agencies; everything that NASA in theory could cover up can be directly tested by any one with a telescope and the proper scientific knowledge. I'd like to note that the proper scientific knowledge can be acquired in just about any school class room and/or public library. Failing that, you can go buy a telescope and see for yourself.

Don't give into the conspiracy theory bullshit, unless you first put your brain into action analyzing the proposed conspiracy.