(Updated .)

Hello again,

I just made some minor changes to the page... such as using frames, and I thought I'd note it here. Here are some of the things that were on the old main page here:

The web's biggest pest is back!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I now have yet another web site to spread my twisted thoughts upon. You might remember me from "MugWump's Strangest Californian Son" and "Raymond C. Rodgers' Official Writing Pages", and probably a few other places too. But there's no getting rid of me now! This is my own personal web server on my own machine! Yahooooo!!! (Can I be sued for that? ;)

Here, I began having some thoughts that I thought I'd share on OS design. Not that

I'm an expert, but I think they're reasonable.

Hey! I have a guestbook now! So sign it!

If you're curious about me, I just set up a web journal.

Here's my resume. If you know of a job that I'd be good for in the L.A. area, please let me know!

Well, that's about it. I'm still in need of a job, so HIRE ME!!!!