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You ever have one of those days where everything just sorta clicks? (No, this is not and advertisement for anything from Microsoft.) Today, me, my wife (Lori), and my sister-in-law Lisa (she's available boys!) went to Magic Mountain.

Ordinarily, there wouldn't be anything particularly special about going to Magic Mountain. But today, through the miracle of giving, we received free passes. We merely gave up some stuffed teddy bears that were bought years ago as potential gifts, but were never given. Until now. So, we drove all the way up there from Cerritos, had crappy food at Marie Calendar's, and got in to Six Flags Magic Mountain for free thanks to the Fire Department and Toys for Tots. I'm a cheap bastard, yes, but at least I helped a good cause.

We had a lot of fun, and for the first time since I moved to California, I managed to go on more than one ride in less than an hour. In fact, I rode the first three rides with Lori and Lisa in the first hour and a half. Then, we waited in line for the Deja Vu for the remaining time we were there (another 1.5 hours). All in all, a pretty good day! :-)

Here's the Lisa:

Lori & Me!