Hello all you wild cyber surfing people out there. I just want to take a bit of time to wish you a Happy Turkey day. Truthfully, I think I'll be truly happy when this year is over. Life has thrown us all a few rather large surprises this year, both personally, and as a citizen of this country.

On July 31st, I discovered I was being laid off from Be Incorporated.

You know very well what happened on September 11th, but in addition to that, just weeks earlier, my wife and I had flown from Newark, New Jersey, to Oakland, California, on our way back from a visit to my home town Detroit, Michigan. The flight plan, in case you're wondering, is nearly identical to that of flight 93; the one that crashed in Pennsylvania after the passengers rose up against the hijackers.

Life is pretty strange.

I thank God for my life and that of my wife.

What more can I say? I'm thankful that I 'm alive but I question, at times, the path my life has taken. A decade ago, I was headed into the Air Force ROTC at Michigan State University, after just missing entry into the Air Force Academy. Where would I be now? Would I be one of the many fighting in Afghanistan?

How can I consider the possibilities without going mad? How can I not claim that God is real?

As I look back on my life, I can see God's hands at work. When I was lonely, God gave me a wife. When I felt I was dying at Scantron, He gave me a job at Be. When I needed a friend, he gave me two of the best. (Maxx & Omar, if you're listening, this means you, damnit!)

Now that I've been laid off, how can I doubt that He has something planned for me?

Something is in the works.

Something beyond my reach, beyond my sight. I can feel it. The wheels of history are in motion, on a level far beyond me. Far beyond terrorism and justice.

Prepare yourselves, a new era approaches. A time of new consciousness.